About the Class

The words and phrases Rachel will share with you in this program from Imaging USA 2020 will remove the fear of sales objections, and help you quickly overcome them. A lot of people talk about the good habits and routines of selling your work in person, but few talk about how to confidently handle and overcome objections your clients bring up during the sale. Things like, ""I need my husband to see this,"" and ""I just want digital files,"" or ""I didn't know this was so expensive,"" are just a few of the 7 core objections she will give you the answers to. Her shift in approaching objections as ""simple questions"" has helped thousands of photographers shake off the anxiety and launch their sales to a whole new level.


  •        The success thinking that will give you confidence.
  •        The words and phrases that build value and when to use them.
  •        The top 3 mistakes we make in the showroom.
  •        The 7 core sales objections and how to overcome them. 
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