Daphne Blount

Becoming a member of the PPA has been such a wonderful part of my journey. The education, relationships, and support are business-changing. ...Read More

Becoming a member of the PPA has been such a wonderful part of my journey. The education, relationships and support is business changing.

Daphne Blount • PPA Member Since 2016

Ready to elevate your business and your craft? You've come to the right place. PPA's education platform empowers you to track your progress and reach new milestones, all at your own pace. It’s the information you need from a source you trust. Get a taste of all the classes available to PPA members by registering for a free account today.

Start with the Getting Started Curriculum


Getting Started - A free curriculum for everyone!

Curriculums are self-led sequential classes by PPA's education department designed to provide you with a focused path to achieving your entrepreneurial goals in photography. Curriculums cater to learners who prefer a structured educational format when learning new information. It is also for those who enjoy assignments, reading material, and actionable items to self-check their own understanding.

Each curriculum features a variety of content by PPA's finest photography instructors organized in a specific sequence to ensure you receive a comprehensive perspective on the curriculum topics available. Get to know the curriculum experience yourself with the Getting Started curriculum fully available without membership. This curriculum will help get photographers started on their small business journey as photo-entrepreneurs. We hope that this curriculum inspires you to invite PPA on your photography path to success, confidence, and professionalism.

From the Curriculums page, click on the title 'Getting Started' to open and view the curriculum. PPA members can enroll to any curriculum and non-members can preview plenty of content site-wide. Once you enroll you may track your own progress to completion and pick up where you left off every time.






Create Your Own



Create your own education playlist by using the heart icon to favorite videos, articles, books, and events across Find all your favorites in your myEducation dashboard pre-sorted into 4 categories for easy discovery. 


Simply click on the heart to save content to your education playlist. This playlist is accessible via the Curriculums homepage or via your myPPA Dashboard under myEducation.


Your education playlist is pre-sorted by videos, articles, events, and books.


Learn at your own pace. Enjoy your saved content where you want and when you want. Easily delete or add to your education playlist at any time.