Business Resources

Photography is your passion, but, as a working professional, it’s also…your business!

To help you build, grow and sustain that photography business, PPA applies years of experience (almost 150!) providing a comprehensive set of resources to help photographers like you thrive… all included in your PPA membership!

The PPA Business Guide is a step-by-step manual to help you build your photography business. With it, you will PPA Business Guidegain a firmer grasp on:

  • The basics of running a profitable photography studio
  • Your current financial state
  • Goal setting for your business
  • Planning for success
  • Growing your business

Download the Business Guide

Square One allows you to plan for a pro-fi-ta-ble photography business from day one! It’s so easy-to-use that you’ll start playing with the numbers and your options! And it will help you dig deep down into your business, laying out exactly what you need to do in order to reach your net income goals.

And, best of all, Square One answers questions that are specific to your studio and your business model! Consider joining PPA as this tool alone has saved PPA members hundreds of dollars in financial-consultant fees!

PPA’s Benchmark Survey is the accrued financial data from a host of professional photographers analyzed andPPA Benchmark Survey explained in a way that helps you get more insight into your own photography business.

You can use this data to carefully examine:

  • Your marketing needs
  • When to hire new or more employees
  • If you have gaps in your business

And much, much more!

Download the Benchmark Survey

Are you ready to Be More Profitable? If so, you need to become a member of PPA right now and immediately sign up for PPA's Business Challenge! In one sentence, here’s what PPA’s Business Challenge is about: 12 months of step-by-step business instructions, mentorship, and peer accountability for photographers to hone their own path to success!

PPA mentors will help guide you, step-by-step, on how to take your business to greater profitability.

The goal is for photographers who participate to:

  • Understand and develop solid foundations for your business to be more profitable
  • Identify and find answers to your most vital business questions
  • Develop your own personalized success plan
  • Prioritize your tasks so you don't get overwhelmed
  • Gain more confidence and stay focused
  • Connect with other photographers working through the same challenges

During this one-year-long program, participants do become more profitable! But it’s reserved for PPA members…so join today and you can sign up immediately! Once you are with PPA, all these resources will be free for you to access 24/7!

On top of all the other resources provided by PPA, PPA also gives its members a very large selection of educational videos on sales, business, marketing, pricing, operations and plenty of other topics that will help you grow a strong photography business!

But… many organizations have business videos. What PPA gives you, exclusively, is a customizable, online-learning program that gives you the videos and content you need to reach the next level in your photography skills and business skills! Yes, your own custom-fit program! FREE!

So? Are you ready to join yet?

There are 30,000+ members of Professional Photographers of America – Don’t Be Left Out!

It’s not a joke: PPA wants your photography business to thrive, because we represent photographers’ interests across the country. So, when you become a member of PPA, you become family and you can immediately start taking advantage of all the resources mentioned above, plus many, many more!