The Missing Piece to In-Person Sales: How to Pre-Determine Your Sales Outcome

Rachel Marten Cr.Photog.

Wouldn't it be incredible to walk into a sale and already know how well it's going to be even before you start? It all comes down to how you prepare for each sale. 
Tony Robbins says, "The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck." Rachel Marten would add that, "I prepare as if they will say 'yes' to everything I offer. If they take only half of it, it's still a great sale."

Join Rachel Marten as she shows how she pre-plans each sale, what words and phrases she's going to use, and how she is going to create value and excitement for her clients.

Dubbed the "queen of sales" by Gary Box, Rachel always delights and empowers. This is the missing piece very very few talk about when they teach in-person sales. 

Rachel Marten Bio

Rachel Marten, Cr.Photog., is the example of doing what needs to be done. She and her husband, Clark, come from a strong agricultural background. As they pursued Clark's passion of photography, Rachel found that the art of photography was totally different from the business of photography.  Pushed into a corner to create a life for her family, Rachel sought out the people and the "know-how" to take action, to be successful in this industry. Today, she and Clark run one of the highest sales per capita studios in the nation.