Photographer General Liability Insurance is now included with Full Plus membership; you read that right! 

No one likes to think about worst-case scenarios, but everyone should. Accidents can and do happen, and not just the kind that damage equipment.


Why is General Liability Insurance Important?

First, almost all event organizers and venues require photographers they hire for their event or work on their premises to carry General Liability coverage.

Second, it provides protection for you and your business in the event you are sued. General Liability Insurance covers you for these claims against you and your business. For example, this insurance protects your business if the mother of the bride trips and breaks her ankle during your shoot. It also covers property damage, such as if a light stand tips over at a client’s house and damages an antique painting.

It covers any damage to a client, third party or property that you may be held accountable for. And thanks to a partnership between Professional Photographers of America and Lockton Affinity, coverage is now included with a Full Plus PPA membership. 

PPA General Liability Insurance, administered by Lockton Affinity covers you for:

  • Bodily injury and property liability whether you’re at your own studio or on location
  • Real or alleged faults in your work that result in bodily injury or property damage
  • Liability for personal and advertising injury
  • Up to $2 million aggregate ($1 million per occurrence)

For photographers and videographers, a business owner’s policy typically costs $42 per month, or a median annual premium of $504. With PPA and Lockton Affinity, you can get coverage included with your PPA membership for $428. Membership includes General Liability coverage, Photography Equipment & Camera Insurance as well as Data Loss, Negligence, and Malpractice protection. Your membership can be paid all at once or broken into 2 payments of $214.

** Other taxes and fees may apply; costs may vary based on specific application information.

If you live in the United States (NY excluded), don’t currently have a General Liability policy, and take in $125,000 or less in annual revenue, yes; you are eligible for Full Plus membership. But don’t worry. If you don’t meet the above requirements, you can still purchase General Liability through Lockton Affinity; it just won’t be included in your membership.

General Liability Insurance does not cover injuries for staff members. It only protects your photography business for injuries and damage to third parties. You will need a workers' compensation insurance policy to cover your employees.

Yes, as long as a contract is in place, they are covered by your General Liability Policy. However, PhotoCare, PPA's equipment insurance policy as well as Data Loss, Negligence, and Malpractice protection only cover the member who purchased the PPA membership. 

Policy administered by PPA's Exclusive Insurance Partner:       
Karen Nakamura