No matter where you are in your journey, there's a curriculum to help you create a more profitable and sustainable photography business. Track your progress as you complete online classes and assignments!


Learn how to think about your business in relation to the market, your goals, and your level of commitment. These essential curriculums help you cultivate a healthy business mindset, empowering you to be a successful entrepreneur and small business owner.


Looking to strengthen your technical photography skills? There curriculums help you navigate the unique programs offered by PPA.


After you learn who you are as an entrepreneur, what business you're building, and who you want to serve, you're ready for these foundational business curriculums. Learn tactical methods and strategies to create a sustainable business.

More Curriculums to Explore

After you have mastered bridging the gap and developing strong business and technical skills, then you are ready to explore specialty specific curriculums. These additional curriculums dig deeper into how to navigate your photography career and the industry as a whole.