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Published vs. Unpublished

Discover why determining whether your work is published or unpublished is important when registering your copyright as a photographer. Learn about the confusing definition of "published" and the consequences of improper classification, as well as how to safeguard your copyright…

Social Media DMCA Takedown Links

Is someone using your images online without your permission? Here's how to request your images be taken down by the website owner or ISP. 

Government Affairs Update – Copyright Claims Board (CCB) Now Accepting Claims

The eCCB, the online system that facilitates the CCB is officially live and accepting claims! We are excited to see this small claims system come to fruition.

Government Affairs Update – Implementation of the Copyright Claims Board (CCB)

The US Copyright Office (USCO) has announced that the Copyright Claims Board (CCB) will go live and begin to accept claims on June 16, 2022. This means that you will be able to register for eCCB, the electronic filing and…

Copyright Law: Understanding Your Rights as a Photographer

In the age of social media, a clear understanding of your rights as a photographer is crucial to receiving the credit you deserve. Discover all the information you need, and explore PPA's resources and tools. 

Copyright Update –Notice of Latest Public Rulemaking

Learn the latest news about the small claims system and discover how you can contribute your voice to our efforts.  

Copyright Update: Webinar on How to Handle Intellectual Property Infringement

Protecting and enforcing intellectual property is vitally important for any enterprise, but especially for photographers. Register for this free webinar to learn more about protecting your work. 

Copyright Update – FAQs about the Smalls Claims Process and the Copyright Claims…

Get the latest information about the United States Copyright Office, the Copyright Claims Board, and the small claims process.  

Update on the CASE Act

On March 26th, the USCO (United States Copyright Office) released an NOI (Notification of inquiry) regarding the implementation of the Copyright Claims Board (CCB) as part of the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act. This NOI was the first…

Copyright Update – Court Rules Logo Is Not CMI

A recent ruling by a Federal California court raises questions about what constitutes copyright management information on a published image.
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