Advocacy & Copyright Protection

Sometimes small business owners get overlooked by policymakers. Whether they are a member or not, PPA ensures small photographic business owners are heard. As a nonprofit, we’re in this fight for the better of the industry!

Join The Fight For Artists' Rights

PPA has dedicated resources to advocate for you, your photography business and the quality and legitimacy of your craft. It is our goal to push our government to better serve and protect photographers and their rights in a way that suits this technology-heavy day and age.

PPA’s advocacy team is in constant contact with state and national legislators to see that the rights and interests of photographers are not overlooked. That means connecting with congressmen and regular trips to Washington, D.C. to speak directly with U.S. lawmakers and stakeholders.

PPA campaigns for better copyright policies. The goal of our fight to push legislation is to enhance the livelihood of professional photographers by giving them easier copyright enforcement options. PPA's 30,000+ members can make a strong impact! It's easy to speak up and join us in this fight!

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