Contracts & Forms for Professional Photographers

Everyone trying to make a living in photography can always use business help, and PPA provides support for a whole host of photographers’ professional needs. One of the most versatile resources you’ll find is Contracts and Forms!

Drafting an agreement from scratch so you are protected takes expertise and time. That’s why members of PPA have access to a large library of ready-made contracts and other forms for them to use, edit, or compare. Resources like:

  • Guidelines & Resources for Any Photography-Related Contracts, including how to make a contract, how to dissolve a contract, and even sample cancellation letters.
    download Guidelines

  • In-Studio Sample Contracts and helpful templates to work with independent contractors or create non-compete and non-solicitation agreements.
    download Sample Contracts

  • Sample Contract Templates for all sorts of jobs, including weddings, portraits, sports, corporate events, and photo booths.
    Download Templates

  • Sample Model Releases & Release Resources to work with talent and locations that require their own legal attention. This means white papers and samples of model releases and property releases.
    Download Releases

  • Sample Copyright, Usage Agreements, and resources to protect your work (which is a huge part of your business and your reputation!) like: PPA’s Copyright Kit, limited or unlimited photography usage agreements, copyright transfer releases, and the oh-so-important Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) letter.
    Download Usage Agreements

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