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Drafting agreements from scratch requires time and expertise. Don’t recreate the wheel. Explore PPA’s library of customizable contracts, templates, and business forms that help you cover all your bases. Download, edit and compare a wide range of documents including proposals, cancellation letters, model releases, copyright transfers, and more.

Why Photography Contracts & Forms Are Important

Contracts are vital to the success of your photography business. A verbal agreement simply won't cut it! You need written agreements that outline and clarify the specific tasks you will be fulfilling for your clients. Photography contracts should be tailored to each specific project, but most contain the following:

  • What type of photography services will be performed
  • The length or timeline of the agreement
  • The amount of compensation you will receive
  • Cancellation policy
  • Who owns the copyright to the images
  • Model release for each person photographed

Photography Contract Templates from PPA

  • Wedding Contract
  • Portrait Contract
  • Sports Action Contract
  • Corporate Event Photography Contract
  • Photo Booth Contract
  • Drone Contract Rider
  • Commercial Photography Contract
  • Release for Claims (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • Model and Property Release
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Guidelines for Dissolving an Agreement
  • And more!

Free Model Release Guide

Have questions about when to use a model release? The best answer is: always! But, sometimes it's more complicated than that. This guide can help you learn more about laws in your state.


These documents are provided to members of Professional Photographers of America as templates. PPA strongly recommends that photographers contact local legal counsel to determine the enforceability of any contract.