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PPA's mission is to help working photographers grow their businesses and enhance their skills. And because PPA is a nonprofit, all it has to concentrate on is helping photographers bridge the gap between artistry and entrepreneurship.

What does that mean for you? Well, there's nothing like taking advantage of the essential, business-boosting benefits being a member of PPA provides!

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Still asking "Why me?" Because running your photography business without PPA costs so much more money! It's truly a no-brainer decision to join! 30,000+ photographers are backed by PPA, giving them peace-of-mind as they run their businesses. So what’s holding you back? Here's how PPA members are saving a lot more than you:

PPA Membership Benefits (Summary Table)

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Wondering About the Different Membership Levels?

Your needs aren't the same as everyone else's, so take a look at the different membership tiers and sign up for the one that's right for you!

Professional Active is the total package! Open to anyone who lives in the United States and its territories, you get:

  • Online-referral database listing (Find-A-Photographer)
  • Up to $15,000 PhotoCare Equipment Insurance
  • One full registration to Imaging USA during your first year

The cost of Professional Active membership is:

  • $323/year
  • $298/year 
  • 27.92/month 
  • $25/month 

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The cost of Additional Active membership is:

  • $246/year
  • $211/year
  • $21.50/month
  • $18.58/month

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Thinking about joining but would feel better easing into things? No problem! Aspiring membership lets you get your PPA feet wet!

Aspiring membership:

  • Does not include listing in online referral database
  • Is not eligible for PhotoCare Equipment Insurance
  • Is limited to 2 years and does not have access to PPAedu or PhotoVision

The cost of Aspiring membership is:

  • $194/year
  • $159/year
  • $17.17/month
  • $14.25/month

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Do you have what it takes to become a successful professional photographer? Well, we sure think you do! And this membership level is the perfect opportunity to take the next step towards an amazing, fun and profitable profession!

The cost of the Student membership is $79/year. Become a Student member today!

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This membership package is specially designed for our neighbors up north!

As a Canadian member, you'll be covered by PPA's Malpractice Protection Program — the Indemnification Trust. This is required for members with a portrait or wedding classification.

The cost of Canadian membership is:

  • $220/year
  • $185/year

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Don't live in the United States or Canada? There's still a membership level for you!

As an International member, you'll receive a subscription to the electronic edition of Professional Photographer magazine, and access to all of PPA's online education.

The cost of International membership is $170/year or $15.17/month.

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These membership types are specially designed for PPA's most decorated members. You can't choose to join at this level. Rather, it's a status that active PPA members earn after years of service and achievements with PPA. Elite and Elite Plus members get special benefits and perks that include significant savings. Learn more about Elite and Elite Plus.

A big thank you from PPA for the lifers! Available to those who have been active members for 10+ consecutive years and have accumulated a total of 95 qualifying years (awarded for each year of membership plus the age of the member), Life Members have all the rights, privileges, benefits and services as Professional Active members AT NO COST!

Life members may also:

  • Maintain your CPP status by paying the annual fee (and complying with certification policies)
  • Have Additional Active members listed under your Life Member's record
  • Receive complimentary registration for Imaging USA every year (non-transferable)

The cost of Life membership is:

  • FREE

You don't automatically get upgraded to Life Member; you have to apply for it! So if you’re ready to do so, fill out and submit your Life Membership Application today!

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This is for photographers who have been Active members of PPA for 20+ years and are now retired but still want to keep their finger on the pulse of our industry.

Please understand that Retired Members cannot:

  • Earn income through photography
  • Own a photographic studio
  • Maintain a website or advertise their photographic services
  • Be covered by the Indemnification Trust
  • Be listed in the Find-a-Photographer database
  • Have Additional Active members listed under their membership record

The cost of Retired membership is $88/year.

If this membership type suits you, become a Retired member today!

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This membership type is reserved to companies only. The Corporate Membership branch of the PPA community is made up of special photographic vendors and partners. Those who join as Corporate Members help PPA members make more money through business and technical education, special events, members-only discounts, fighting for copyright, driving the PRINT movement, and more.

You'll have to contact PPA's Sales and Strategic Alliances to choose between Platinum, Gold, and Silver Corporate membership levels. Or you can download the application for Corporate Membership.

If you're serious about photography as a career, we're serious about helping you live your dream profitably.

Still unsure? Check out the PPA Membership-related FAQs