Into Sports

John Pyle

John Pyle goes to a sports track to photograph a high school senior with a javelin for kinetic sports images. He then goes to a quaint downtown area to capture gorgeously lit fall portraits. John shares his exposure tips for broad daylight when using off camera flash that will ensure balanced lighting between your subject and the sky. He explains how to manage your camera settings to enable clear, blur free imagery when photographing moving subjects.

John Pyle Bio

Why is John Pyle one of the most sought after Senior photographers in the South? Yes, it's talent. Yes, it's skill. But it's also largely due to his expert, strategic marketing plan and his focus on building personal relationships to build his business.  

Living in Columbus, Georgia with his wife and their two daughters, John Pyle is an innovator, an inspiration and an expert in his field. He not only excels behind the lens, but is a savvy businessman, a great salesperson and is never afraid to put innovative marketing ideas into action. It's no wonder that John is one of the masterminds behind Seniors Ignite, an organization that focuses on educating this generation of senior portrait photographers.

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Twitter: @johndpyle
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