About the Class
Anne is truly inspiring as she shares her take on being an artist, truly owning your work and imbuing it with a sense of importance. She disputes the idea that “everyone’s a photographer” and encourages you to see past such a simplified concept so that you are inspired to, in her words, “rise above that vacuous imagery and create a timeless piece.” She passionately relates her thoughts on PRINT. The Movement, the significance of printing in photography and the role it plays in valuing your imagery and yourself as an artist. To learn more about PRINT. The Movement, visit http://printmovement.org/. Anne Geddes, one of the world’s most respected photographers, creates images that are iconic, multi-award winning, internationally acclaimed, and beloved. A global ambassador for children, Anne, as well as having her own Philanthropic Trust, is proud to be the Global Advocate for the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign, an Ambassador Volunteer for the March of Dimes and an Ambassador for the GSK global awareness campaign for meningococcal disease. For more information on Anne, please visit www.annegeddes.com. Follow Anne on facebook.com/annegeddes to see inside the studio, and stay up to date with her latest work.
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