Pyle Senior Experience

John Pyle

John Pyle photographs a high school senior girl in a beautiful downtown urban environment. John begins by demonstrating and discussing the makeup/hair service he offers to his clients. He explains how he chooses locations that match his client’s wardrobe and shares some of his favorite posing techniques. John has his senior walk as he shoots, creating fashionable and kinetic images that accentuates his modern style. He ends the session by posting a fun image of his client to Instagram, which helps market his business to future clients and gives his current client an immediate keepsake.

John Pyle Bio

Why is John Pyle one of the most sought after Senior photographers in the South? Yes, it's talent. Yes, it's skill. But it's also largely due to his expert, strategic marketing plan and his focus on building personal relationships to build his business.  

Living in Columbus, Georgia with his wife and their two daughters, John Pyle is an innovator, an inspiration and an expert in his field. He not only excels behind the lens, but is a savvy businessman, a great salesperson and is never afraid to put innovative marketing ideas into action. It's no wonder that John is one of the masterminds behind Seniors Ignite, an organization that focuses on educating this generation of senior portrait photographers.

Facebook: John Pyle Photography
Twitter: @johndpyle
Instagram: @johndpyle