About the Class

In this class, PPA instructor Joel Grimes says what some people don’t want to hear: It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one else knows!

Bottom line – marketing is an essential aspect of being a successful photographer. Though sales and business development may not be your strong suit, Joel tells you how – and why – to make it a part of your business.

Joel starts out with some basic principles that everyone should know:

  • Fear of failure or rejection is no excuse for not trying.
  • You can’t take it personally.
  • It’s all a numbers game – the more people you contact, the greater your results.
  • Success doesn’t happen without marketing.

Joel then walks you through how to handle the marketing aspect of your business. Discuss various ways to promote your business, how to reach out to prospects using presentations, marketing packets, calls and emails. Learn how your computer can be your best friend, especially in this age of emails and social media. And of course, understand that this is a repeat process, and the first time is not always the charm!

Address the concepts of strengths and weaknesses and realize that marketing to your 1st prospect will not be as polished as marketing to your 100th. Be open to improving your skills and know that practice really does make perfect! Whether it’s effort, how to present your best work, finding the right doors on which to knock, or just the basic principle of persistence, Joel covers it all. And with his help, you will too!

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