About the Class

Many believe creativity and inspiration are things you’re born with, traits deep inside that you can’t coach or teach. But PPA Instructor Joel Grimes is here to tell you differently. He not only tells you that creativity is something you can develop, nurture and cultivate – he tells you how!

Joel first addresses photographic vision – how to make your photography career a journey, to continue to reach and aspire for the next level, to embrace your path as an artist, not just a photographer. You’ll also discuss the importance of understanding the basic elements and foundation of photography. After all, once you have the foundation, you can start to vary it for different results.

Delve into how to develop and define your style; explore different ways to research and blend styles that appeal to you. Learn ways to constantly be on the lookout for new and appealing ideas and inspiration. You can take the same images others do, but think of ways to do more. Preconceived ideas and practices have their place, but not if they’re holding you back.

You will walk away better informed about opportunities outside your door, how to take your tools and knowledge and use them to your advantage, and how to go with the flow, or swim in a completely different direction. The choices, the inspiration, the creativity are all yours to develop once you start to think like an artist!

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