Volume Preschool/Daycare Photography: Preparing for a Busy Season

Brandi Morgan CPP

Webinar: Preparing for your busy season as a preschool photographer requires time and attention to detail. Knowing what to work on now, so you can reap greater rewards later can create a significant difference in your business. Brandi will share her off-season strategies to help you be more prepared. She offers great insights such as:•How to set your business apart with various background looks which can mean a rotation of new backgrounds and props, as well as additional portrait product offerings.•Portrait preparation and showing new models: this helps you know what poses and props look best and what can efficiently be repeated on picture day•Preparing your seasonal pre-pay flyer and poster design•Picture day confirmations and•Equipment inventoryBrandi will also discuss some of the marketing efforts she makes in the off-season that keeps her busy the rest of the year.

Brandi Morgan Bio

Brandi Morgan's path has never been boring! She began her photography career in high school taking classes and assisting her instructor with weddings and events. She obtained her associate degree in Commercial Photography from Randolph Tech and had training in graphic design as well. Brandi spent ten years working for a national high school senior company, and then fell in love with the education and business side of photography, sharing her knowledge and passion with others in the industry. Most recently, she has been working in high volume photography, focused on daycare and preschool photography. Throughout all of this, Brandi has also earned her CPP and is currently working towards her Master of Photography degree. She brings a varied wealth of knowledge, creativity and experience, combined with her love for educating others.