The 6 Steps of Having a Game Plan Versus a Business Plan

Ciara Pressler

Creating values and standards - what jobs you will take and wouldn't. Identify who you admire and who are their values. Usually not technical, usually style. Carve out values. "Have you ever taken that job just for money, and regretted it."

If you're already a working photographer, you don't need a business plan -- you need a Game Plan. Find out how to stay true to your creative vision and responsive to new opportunities by creating goals that work for your creative career. You'll learn a six-step process that you can use to power any goal you have in your business, including marketing, sales, creative projects, and more.

Ciara Pressler Bio

Ciara Pressler is the founder of PREGAME and the author of Game Plan: Achieve Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business. She has worked with hundreds of creative pros worldwide to create their game plan for success. Her latest book Game Plan: Achieve Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business lays out the best practices for authentic success and a framework for strategic goal-setting, including success principles and what to do when you’re stuck. Her Pregame Clubhouse in Portland, OR, is a space for people to create their Game Plan for success. Members are business owners, managers, and creative professionals who are committed to personal and professional growth. The Pressler Collaborative creates custom marketing and PR strategy for businesses and projects in entertainment, media, real estate, tech, finance, fitness, lifestyle, and beyond.