About the Class

Ready to design the Ultimate Customer Experience? You should be! If you've never thought about customer experience, you definitely should, because offering the same experience as everyone else, get you the same results as everyone else.

You need to Stand Out and Be Different, and that's exactly what you're going to learn in the next session in the PPAedu Live series, featuring Jesse Cole. 

Topic highlights:
• Evaluate your current customer map and customer journey
• Learn how to create Raving Fans that are loyal instead of customers that are transactional
• Using Raving Fans & Customer for Life techniques, you will learn to map the perfect customer journey with your company
• How to develop the Fans First mentality to create attention and word of mouth marketing from your biggest supporters.
• Discover how to never lose a customer again with a step by step plan to wow your customers even after the sale.

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