About the Class

Even the most relaxed people can freeze in front of the camera! While some people love to be the subject of a photoshoot, others may feel shy or self-conscious. Helping your subjects feel more comfortable in their skin is an art in itself. Subjects come in all shapes, sizes, and mobility levels. The strategies learned in this presentation will have both you and your subjects feeling more confident and self-assured with three body-based techniques. Anatomical awareness, breathwork, and movement-based learning are the foundation principles of this session. The art of anatomy is understanding the body is in constant motion. You, the artist and creative, will learn how to highlight that energy to help your subject feel more comfortable and create a phenomenal photoshoot. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an Anatomical Awareness Technique to boost confidence in your subjects.
  • Design a movement-based approach to create an authentic movement for self-assurance.
  • Evaluate the emotional engagement through breathwork and the central nervous system.
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