Maximizing The Space

Blair Phillips Cr.Photog.

In this segment, Blair Phillips takes Brian Killian on a studio tour. Blair recognizes the importance of perception and explains how he creates a "sellable" environment by using high-end furniture, displaying large wall portraits, and even providing guest towels in the client's restroom. Blair is all about maximizing his available space, inside and out. See how he has turned his 30 by 60 foot camera room into 8 plus workable sets and then go outside to see his "mega-plex" of additional sets that utilize natural light and are filled with junkyard finds.

Blair Phillips Bio

Photographic Craftsman, Blair Phillips comes from a very humble beginning that makes him want to help people. His business began 12 years ago and forced him to photograph every type of job and subject he could find. That forced Blair to become a very diverse photographer in working with seniors, newborns, families, children, weddings, sports and a LOT of volume.

Blair has been able to develop a shooting style that spans across all of these genres. Blair has had the pleasure of presenting at Imaging USA as well as several other major conferences over the years. He cites receiving his craftsman degree from PPA as a symbol of his dedication to teaching and sharing.