You Have Time, You Need Priorities

Andrew Mellen

If you're ready to master time management, you don’t want to miss this PPAedu Live featuring Andrew Mellen. Productivity is his game, and he'll show you a few tips that will manage your priorities better than ever.

Topic Highlights:

• We all have the same number of hours in the day. What makes some people so productive is how they use them.
• Learn simple, practical steps on how to create priorities and stick with them.
• Minor tweaks to make major improvements on your productivity.

Andrew Mellen is "The Most Organized Man in America". He is a TV morning-show favorite, bringing tips to American viewers on how to better organize their time, businesses, and homes. Andrew is the author of the popular book, Unstuff Your Life.

Andrew Mellen Bio

For over 12 years now Andrew Mellen, “The Most Organized Man in America” has been speaking, training and entertaining audiences from corporate CEOs, bankers and attorneys to teachers, parents and artists.

 As a speaker Andrew creates an engaging atmosphere to bring a variety of organizational-related topics to life, including: organization, time management, project management, sustainability, simplicity and the intersection of spirituality and simplifying.

Andrew’s unique style skillfully blends the best discoveries in scientific research with stories of everyday life, delivered in easy-to-understand language.  Andrew takes the “I’ll do it someday” promise that attendees have made…and makes it TODAY!