About the Class

Business and career viability in the hybrid, current, and post pandemic world will be driven by a new normal. Your ability to create new, innovative, and often unconventional ways to grow your business, add value to your clients, solve immediate problems, and deliver new results will shape the growth and health of your business in the years ahead. But without embracing your “Now Normal”, you may find yourself unprepared to meet the unpredictable demands of today’s changing landscape, and over time, you could become less relevant as you seek to grow your business and expand your career. So, are you prepared to embrace change, resilience and uncertainty as a new normal for growth? What is your “Now Normal”? What is your “Now Mindset”? And what steps can you take to seize amazing opportunities and create new value from what you do? 

This interactive, thought-provoking, insightful, and engaging presentation celebrates the power of change and flexibility. Participants will learn how to transform your brand and your business through positive disruption, change relevance, proactive innovation and living with empathy. 

Described as a life-changing event, Kaplan will help you become more confident to embrace the opportunity that comes with managing through unprecedented times.

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