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About the Class

If you want to take your lighting knowledge to the next level, Advanced Lighting is for you. In this video, expert Tony Corbell shows you how to enhance what you’re doing and add extras for more creativity and, to put it simply, more WOW!

With Tony, you’ll learn…

  • What you never should forget about lighting, from creating depth, shape and form to the physics of it all (not to get academic, but when you understand the science, you better understand lighting).
  • His lighting setup (and how to set it up), including how each light affects the model and final image.
  • How to add gels for special effect without overpowering the image.
  • How you can get creative on the set and create extra drama with your lighting.

And if you’re still not impressed, Tony’s got other tricks up his sleeve to create innovative and dramatic images. He demonstrates what he teaches, sharing the invaluable little tips he’s learned over the years, from metering to body positioning and background lights. Whether you color within the lines or like to push the envelope, this class has something for you.

Ready to play with the big boys? Watch this class today!

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