Timeline of a Lifetime

Amy Doerring

Amy Doerring goes to a client’s home to photograph their two young boys. Amy stresses the importance of recognizing specific traits of a child, such as sticking their tongue out, and capturing those images to remember their personalities for years to come. Amy’s client gives a tour of her home, which is decorated top to bottom with Amy’s images. She talks about how much the photos mean to her and how Amy’s brand of personal photography enriches her life daily.

Amy Doerring Bio

Although I have ribbons and trophies in my studio, the 'awards' most precious to me are those that fill my clients' walls and the stories and experiences that live in their hearts. In my Photovision segment, you will get to see a new construction home with amazing use of photography as art. When I look at all those images, I think about all the fun we had creating them. I'm thrilled the reminders of those fun time are on the wall and not on a CD stuffed in a drawer.

In addition to my real client work, certain projects I've done stick out as especially rewarding. First, my volunteer work with the 'I Have a Voice' traveling gallery for Gigi's Playhouse. This gallery creates awareness and celebrates people with Down Syndrome. If you have a Gigi's in your area, check them out, your heart will expand! Next, I am always on call for our local hospital's OB department. While my heart sinks every time they call, I realize the priceless gift my photographs are to grieving parents. Next, I photographed and designed through production 20 cd projects for a brain tumor survivor David M. Bailey. Sadly he earned his angel wings or we'd still be adding to that count. Finally, my 'eye' sells the very famous Maytag Blue Cheese, try it sometime! When the delicious blue is in front of my lens, it is the only time I 'say cheese.' We all have stories and blessings like these, ways the lens changed our lives more than we could have ever dreamed.

Something so fun....I had an image go 'viral' on Facebook. I photographed three brothers and posted their gallery. The youngest boy Ethan was about six months and was rocking his extra chromosome with a sweet smile and airplane pose. Momma and I loved the image but Facebook went crazy with nearly 20,000 likes , 467 comments and over 1200 shares just on my page. The additional subshares, comments and likes were numerable. Ethan's momma was so happy. Aren't we lucky that we get to do what we do? I think so.

I hold a bachelors degree in accounting and have worked for two Big 8 public accounting firms and two Fortune 500 companies. I have been in business 12 years. I live is a small community in central Iowa that sadly has been hit very hard by a major company buyout. I have survived and thrived by building relationships, falling in love with my clients and adding a few fun things into my sessions. I'm regular.