About the Class

In real estate, it may be location, location, location, but in wedding photography, it’s preparation, preparation, preparation!

In this class, instructor Carries Wildes shares her wedding photography expertise and tells what you need to prepare for a smooth, successful shoot that will result in stunning images!

In this class, Carrie will teach you the how-tos of:

  • Handling the pre-wedding consultation – when to have them and what to discuss.
  • Creating a wedding timeline so that both you and the couple know what to expect and how much time to allow.
  • Being the expert. You were hired because of your knowledge and confidence – so bring it!

You’ll also learn how to gain the buy-in of your client from the first moment on, and the all-essential checklists and questionnaires that Carrie uses on any job – you’ll be able to download Carrie’s actual examples to use for your next project!

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