About the Class

As you know, there are many ways to light your headshots. I’m going to show you how I’ve been doing this for several years. My approach is the result of much trial and error to perfect my lighting style. There’s no simple lighting formula for everyone rather we need to be open and challenge ourselves with the many possibilities until we’re pleased with the results. So, in this webinar, I’ll share my lighting process which produces the style and results my clients and I prefer. The concepts I’ll share will provide a strong foundation upon which you can experiment and develop your signature style.

-Why do I use basic speed lights for all my headshot sessions.
-Choosing the right soft boxes for your headshots.
-How to find ideal lighting for your subject.
-Why do I use three light setups.
-Controlling and understanding your lighting.
-Rembrandt lighting vs Clamshell lighting.
-Having fun with creative lighting

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