The Art and Science of Lighting, Part 2

Cris J. Duncan M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Without missing a beat, Cris Duncan picks up right where he left off – educating you on everything you’ve ever needed to know and understand about light.

Drill down to the details as you discuss the 3 principals of light important in any circumstance. Understand the power of light and how to control it for the results you need.

Explore how to build the light to give 3-dimensionalality to your images. Discover the impact of rim and edge lighting, background and key lighting -- and how you use these to define, separate, and highlight your subjects.

And while some say size doesn’t matter, they don’t know lighting. Explore how the size of the light source impacts shadows and highlights and what you need to manage in each scenario.

This final part of a 2-part series is detailed, informative, and immediately applicable to every photographer out there. Harness the power of lighting – a photographer’s most powerful tool – and use it to create impressive images!

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Cris J. Duncan Bio

A devoted husband, loving father and professional photographer, Cris J. Duncan, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, feels blessed to share a little about himself with you. Cris and his wife, Deanna, operate a studio in Lubbock, Texas, offering high-end commercial, portrait and wedding photography. It may sound cliché, but they truly love what they do…and he is quick to credit that to their success. He knows that this wonderful profession of photography will take anything you are willing to give and give you whatever you are willing to go after.

Cris is a Certified Professional Photographer and holds the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees. Since turning pro in 2002, he has photographed Presidents, Vice Presidents, dignitaries and countless others. He has worked for such companies as Frito-Lay and Bayer CropScience and has been honored to photograph numerous weddings, portraits and commercial assignments for great people all over this land. Cris and Deanna were also selected by the design team of Extreme Makeover:Home Edition to provide portraits of one of their deserving families.  Cris was a PPA Photographer of the Year and is also the recipient of several awards and honors. For example, his acclaimed work, “The Carpenter’s Masterpiece,” was awarded a perfect 100 as well as Album of the Year, two Judges Choice awards, a distinguished ribbon and acceptance in the exclusive PPA Loan Collection.

Today, Cris is a highly sought-after photographer and educator. He is the founder of “Find your Focus” photographic education experiences.