Start Up to Success

Jill Austin

Jill Austin sits down with PhotoVision correspondent, Lori Nordstrom, in her home to discuss how her business came to be and how she keeps it all running smoothly while maintaining a healthy family life. Jill shares a variety of tips on combining family and photography like how to simultaneously keep your skills sharp and spend time with your family. She explains why building a portfolio before starting your business is paramount to establish credibility and how not being afraid to raise your prices yearly can help perpetuate your business.

Jill Austin Bio

Jill Austin creates clean, gorgeous, and thoroughly modern photographs that never lose their personal touch. From photographing a newborn in natural light on soft whites to a maternity session shot in room where multiple windows work as the key, the fill, and the hair light on the subject. Jill brings a family to a park and goes off the beaten path to photograph a joyous family in the tall grass. Jill’s photography extends to her nonprofessional life as she takes a photograph of her daughters every single day as both an emotional keepsake and to constantly develop her skills. She talks about how she balances her business with family and how beneficial word of mouth marketing can be and how to cultivate it.