About the Class

With over a decade of experience owning and operating her high-end photography boutique, D’Ann Boal, of Smitten & Swoon Photography is holding nothing back. She will show you her process of creating a remarkable client experience from the first email to the final delivery of beautifully wrapped products and every step in between. You will walk away with applicable takeaways that will make you more profitable, energized, and that will fill your calendar with grateful, happy clients who value you.


- How to respond to that first email to switch your client’s thinking from, “Do I want to use this photographer?” to “I hope they say yes to photographing me!”

- The must-have client communication to set the stage for a valuable experience.

-How to create a snowball effect that leaves your clients happier and more grateful, while you are more profitable and inspired.

-The magic formula to bring to photo sessions so your clients leave saying, “Wow!”

-How to make 4 and 5-figure sales with IPS.

-How to avoid burnout.

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