It’s All About Fun

Audrey Woulard

Audrey Woulard has a way of keeping little ones engaged. In this segment, she photographs a mother and her three children, inside and outside the client's home. She plays games with the boys, allowing her to shoot fun, candid images. Using the client's bed as a stage, Audrey captures heart warming "snuggle shots" of the mother and her children. See how she crops and enhances images in PhotoShop. Audrey explains how she allows clients to view and choose their images online but why she purposely does not include shopping cart.

Audrey Woulard Bio

Chicago portrait photographer Audrey Woulard services Tweens and young teens. She is passionate about this very delicate stage in a kid's life and takes pride in giving them voices. Audrey has taught workshops all over the world such as the Netherlands, Australia, and the U.K. She has photographed high profile commercial assignments such as Pottery Barn Kids and IAM's Pet food, yet her most cherished business accomplishment is her extremely loyal client base. 

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Twitter: audreywoulard
Instagram: kidsandthecity