Taking Tots To The Streets

Audrey Woulard

While Audrey has an upscale, downtown studio, her passion is working in real world environments. Correspondent Lori Nordstrom tags along for a urban 2-year-old session in the streets and alleys just outside Audrey’s studio. The session begins selecting the best outfits for Audrey’s vision and then moves outside where Audrey’s eye for color and composition, combined with an uncanny ability to gain cooperation, result in an incredible series of keepsake images. The episode wraps with Audrey demonstrating her quick and effective Photoshop finishing techniques.

Audrey Woulard Bio

Chicago portrait photographer Audrey Woulard services Tweens and young teens. She is passionate about this very delicate stage in a kid's life and takes pride in giving them voices. Audrey has taught workshops all over the world such as the Netherlands, Australia, and the U.K. She has photographed high profile commercial assignments such as Pottery Barn Kids and IAM's Pet food, yet her most cherished business accomplishment is her extremely loyal client base. 

Web: http://katcteens.com 
Facebook: audreywoulardphotography
Twitter: audreywoulard
Instagram: kidsandthecity