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Glynns Thomas

Are you overwhelmed with all the marketing possibilities? Have you gathered lots of ideas from classes, read articles, seen sponsored ads on Facebook and received emails promising you the next, great marketing idea? Not sure where to start? Or the few marketing ideas you have tried just don’t seem to do anything? 

Glynns Thomas Bio

Glynns Thomas has 30 years of advertising experience. She has worked for several of the world’s best-known advertising agencies in Los Angeles on accounts including Hilton Hotels, Princess Cruise Lines, American Airlines, Infiniti Motors, Bank of America and more. She was also a Vice President of Internet Marketing at Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco. 

Today, she teaches big corporate advertising strategies to emerging businesses on a shoestring budget. She also owns her own emerging business that is a home photography studio focused on headshots and business branding photography. She is a member of the PPA affiliate, The Professional Photographers of the Sacramento Valley (PPSV).

Aside from advertising and photography, Glynns is a wife and a mother to two teenagers and is working on creating a new life back in the U.S. after having recently lived in India and Dubai.