Email Best Practices: Power, Peril and Productivity

Julie Miller

Webinar: Email has become the single most important communication vehicle in business today. In fact, last year American businesses sent 2.7 trillion emails. We are addicted to its speed and convenience, but has your business mastered the correct use of the tool? Setting standards on how to communicate via email will set your company apart from your competition. How? All messages and interactions from your employees will be top-notch and consistent with your company's brand. 

In this webinar, you will also learn: 

Email Do's and Don'ts 

How to create attention-getting subject lines 

The three Ps to email protocol 

What your greetings, closings, and signature blocks say about your company 

Best practices of email etiquette 

Productivity strategies to control the Inbox chaos

Julie Miller Bio

A sought-after speaker and author, Dr. Julie’s high-energy presentations win rave reviews across all industries and organization levels. 

Dr. Miller serves on two boards at the University of Southern California and is a member of the Rotary Club of Bellevue, Washington. She was awarded the Women Business Owners (WBO) Excellence Award, the Helen Thayer Woman of the Year Award, and been voted Volunteer of the Year twice for her work with the YMCA.

She serves as a Trustee for Cascadia College and as board vice-chair of Bellevue Arts Museum.

Dr. Julie  sits on two advisory boards: City University's Entrepreneurship program and Collective Changes: An economic empowerment and leadership mentoring program for women.