About the Class

It’s the week before your client’s wedding and you are charging batteries and prepping gear. You are so excited... until you get the wedding timeline. You have 15 minutes for family, bridal party and couple’s portraits and you have NO idea what you’re going to do. Has this ever happened to you?

On the flipside, we all know how good it feels to be a part of a wedding day where there is buffer in the timeline and plenty of pictures for you to do your job well -it’s magical, stress-free, and gives us more freedom to be creative!

In this class we will talk about how to set your clients’ expectations, provide them with professional timeline advice to influence your clients’ wedding timelines and walk through several different “ideal” day of wedding timelines. Ashley will also talk about how to win back time in a super crunched schedule and how to maintain timeline control when things go bananas.With these things in your professional arsenal, you should never have to face a restrictive, unrealistic timeline again!

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