About the Class

The last three webinars in this series have led to this: the bride’s face and hair. The main event. In this webinar you’ll learn how to view a face in planes and values, choose brushes that give you control in skin and hair, as well as make tweaks to variants for heavier application. Learn common pitfalls made when painting skin and how to avoid (and fix) them. It’s imperative to maintain the subject’s likeness, and you’ll learn how with this webinar. Heather will take you through the final stage (image provided) and share how to bring extra lustre to hair and skin. You’ll also learn how to break any final edges merging the subject with the background.

Using both cloning and free hand brushwork in Corel Painter 2020, this is one webinar you must watch if you’re interested in creating portraiture in Corel Painter!


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