Adding Video to Your Process

Miranda Hayek

Our cameras can do it…heck even our phones can do it!  Then why are we not doing it?!  The “it” I’m talking about, is making videos! If you are anything like me, you might feel overwhelmed with the idea of introducing something new into your bag of tricks, and worse yet, failing miserably at it!  I have been there too… trust me, you can do it!  

Now, more than ever, video is such a huge part of our lives and such a pivotal part of the success of our business… so we can’t afford to ignore it.  If you are ready to use video to promote your services and offer more to your clients, but don’t know where to start, join Miranda Hayek as she breaks down the process for you, to create your first marketing video or family film with the gear you own today!   

Discussion Topics: 
•    Getting started
•    Using the gear you have now
•    Basic Camera settings
•    Creating interesting footage
•    Post processing 
•    Tips on integrating photos
•    Incorporating music
•    Tips and tricks to make it easy and polished 
•    Utilizing video for marketing
•    Including video into your service menu

Miranda Hayek Bio

Miranda utilizes stills and motion to editorially document everyday connections, producing artfully sentimental and impactful fine art pieces and films that hold a visual legacy for her clients.

Her masters in marketing and background in business and education lead her to develop Blossom Blue Studios as an all encompassing creative brand, that offers a variety of photographic, consulting and storytelling services worldwide.