Cr.Photog., API
About the Class

In this class, lighting expert Tony Corbell gets back to basics with you. His discussion of lighting effects and light theory will help you achieve depth and drama in your photographs – all with some flips of a switch, a few position changes and some really cool equipment! You’ll learn answers to questions about…

  • Size of light source and metering - Is bigger always better? How far away or close up should the light be to your subject? What are the two types of metering and how do you use them?
  • Tools at your fingertips - How do you make use of the different lighting “tools” and applications, from sunlight (or window lighting) to strobe and ambient lighting? What the heck are people talking about when they refer to additive or transmission lighting?
  • Light modifiers - What’s a grid? A snoot? A parabolic reflector? And more than that…what do they do and when do you use them?
  • Window lighting - Is it your friend or your foe? How do you control it and make it work for you?

Talk is one thing, but Tony will show you how to work with these lighting tools and techniques (and understand why you’re doing what you’re doing) to create phenomenal photography. With his detail, demonstrations and in some instances, diagrams, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a lighting legend!

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