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Come Be A Part of the PPA Family

Learning everything that a PPA membership has to offer can be overwhelming, so we’re here to break it down for you! If you have any questions about what the PPA membership holds for you make sure to check out the upcoming webinar, PPA: What’s In It For You?  

Breaking Into the Celebrity Photography Industry?

Breaking into the photography industry is difficult, but have you ever thought of what it’s like to break into celebrity photography? For those of you who dream of having your work in a major publication like the New York Times, it’s time to introduce you to Jolie Ruben. Jolie is the photo editor for the Times who decides which photographer to use for every celebrity shoot.

Top 4 Reasons to Grow Your Network at Imaging USA

“I just want to shop the trade show and hit a few classes. Do I really need to network? That sounds too much like work.” The short answer is yes! You absolutely need to network and here are 4 reasons why networking is vital (+ a link to a great…

Need to Improve Your Website’s Reach? Take Your Customer on a Journey!

PPAedu’s next Facebook Live is with Amber Vilhauer, who will show you how to attract & convert qualified buyers with your website.

Change How You Think About Sales and Transform Your Photography Business

A few simple adjustments in your process and mindset can make all the difference to your bottom line.

Fact or Fiction: Let’s Bust Some Myths About the CASE Act

As the Case Act continues moving its way through the House and Senate, there are a lot of misconceptions popping up about how effective it really is. Thankfully, the Copyright Alliance is here to set the record straight. They created an entire series to bust 10 myths pertaining to the CASE Act.

2019 International Photographic Competition Live Programming by Professional Photographers of America

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) will live stream the judging of the International Photographic Competition (IPC) on The live judging stream can be viewed by PPA members and non-members alike at no cost, Sunday, August 18 through Friday, August 23.

Did Someone Say Online Sales?- Check Out Tim Macdonald’s Webinar for More

Are you ready to push your online sales this fall season?!  This week, Tim Macdonald will be showing you how switching over to GotPhoto will increase your revenue and minimize your work effort. GotPhoto could be your best friend this year when it comes to balancing your incoming photography shoots and your client’s needs.

Super 1 Day Photography Workshop Registration Now Open for Fall 2019

Taught by professional photographers for professional photographers, these workshops are perfect for any photographer who is looking for new inspiration or extra professional development. And since there are more than 175 classes happening this fall from October 7-21 in states around the country (and some U.S. territories), chances are good you’ll find one in your area!

Teen Photographer Taking the Industry by Storm

In the photography industry, age doesn’t define talent.  Instead, it’s about the dedication and drive to learn new angles and positions with your camera and perfecting your editing skills to stand apart in the industry. This is exactly what teenage photographer, Jack Gillespie has done and now he has a profile in the Daily Herald.