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Support The Case Act: Taking The Fight For Your Work to Capitol Hill

Finding out that your creative work has been stolen and is being utilized without your knowledge can be deflating. Copyright infringement is not a new problem and you are not an exception from it. That’s why PPA is here fighting on your behalf on Capitol Hill. Check out PPA’s Online…

That’s A Wrap! The Biggest Takeaways from the District Photographers Competition

The 2019 District Photographic Competition is over and up next is the International Photographic Competition, which takes place August 18-23. During Districts, a total of 36 jurors from across the United States came to PPA headquarters in Atlanta, GA, and assessed more than 3,800 entries from June 2-7. Photographers were…

It’s a Win-Win to Teach a Super ① Day Class!

Have you ever seriously thought about sharing your talents, skills, and knowledge with other photographers? It’s time to do it. Volunteer now to become a Super 1 Day instructor!

Gather Your Best Work – Registration for the IPC is now open!

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here! You can now enter your best images into the International Photographic Competition! Early registration begins June 14, 2019 and ends July 18, 2019 by 5 pm ET

Booking Fee, Lighting Headshot, Studio Management and Other Hot Photography Topics on theLoop

Networking is the best way to meet other photographers, get advice from experienced professionals, and to improve your business through recommendations. Since photography can be an individualized industry, it can be hard to get out of your comfort zone and befriend other photographers. That’s why PPA created theLoop, an exclusive social network only for pro photographers!

PPA Meeting with U.S. Senators on Capitol Hill to Discuss The CASE Act!

PPA’s Government Advocacy Team is back in Washington D.C. this week, meeting with Senators to discuss their support of the CASE Act! As always, they’ve provided a play-by-play for the events of each day.

Get the Most Out of Imaging USA 2020 by Attending Pre-Convention Classes!

Your 3-day All-Access Pass to Imaging USA gets you into dozens of incredible photography classes during the regular days of the convention, January 19-21 2020 in Nashville. These programs are included at no extra cost with your All-Access Pass. But if you're looking for even more photography education opportunities, Imaging USA has you covered with Pre-Convention programs!

Big Day for Copyright Advocacy on Capitol Hill, says Professional Photographers of America

Proposed Reforms Led by PPA and Backed by Coalition of Artists Introduced in Congress

Professional Photographers of America Announces 2019 District Photographic Competition Results

Five regional districts all competed this week in nationwide judging of images at PPA headquarters.

Explore the contract templates available to PPA members!

Over the past few weeks, we've highlighted the various types of contracts that are included in your PPA membership. These contracts are available to you to make sure you are always more prepared, more protected, and overall, more successful!