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April 26, 2024

PPA Benefit Focus: Gain Peace of Mind with the Indemnification Trust

Have you ever had an unsatisfied client, or lost data on your hard drive or SD card? PPA's Indemnification Trust functions similar to malpractice protection for your photography business!

The Indemnification Trust is included with every active Full, Canadian, PPA Limited or PPA additional membership and exists to help photographers when things go wrong including data loss, equipment malfunction, mistakes, or unsatisfied clients. In the case an unfortunate event like one of these happens, The Trust will step in and:

  • Guide you through the process of filing a claim 
  • Pay for data recovery services if needed 
  • Negotiate and pay any settlement 
  • Prepare you for court if needed 
  • Appoint local counsel at the Trust's expense if necessary
  • Pay judgments for most types of damages awarded to your client if things end up in a court

In other words, the Indemnification Trust covers and protects all PPA members at no cost after they clear a small deductible. The Trust is administered by the law firm of Meadows, Macie & Morris and is one of the most experienced firms in the world when it comes to helping professional photographers. And because this is not an insurance program, your monthly rates won’t go up if you file a claim!

For a comprehensive look at PPA’s Indemnification Trust and the services our partner, Ontrack can provide members with, watch Understanding the Indemnification Trust  with PPA's resident expert and Government Affairs Manager, Luc Boulet on YouTube. 

Learn more about the Indemnification Trust’s official data recovery provider, Ontrack in this fantastic video explainer! Get started today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business and data is protected!