Tones and Zones

Gavin Seim

Do you want to better understand the one thing that really matters in making images—light? Then this webinar is for you.

After 15 years studying light, tones, zones, history and art, Gavin has compiled ideas to help you visualize and take charge of the light in your images. Both in camera and in post-production, you’ll learn how to learn from the masters and see light like never before! No matter what you photograph or what your experience level, Gavin will challenge how you use light and make you a better photographer, as he helps you study…

  • The Zone System
  • Better tone control & exposure
  • Refinement in post-production
  • How to make the light sing

We value your feedback and want to know how we can improve. Please share your thoughts about the class here.

Gavin Seim Bio

Gavin is a 27-year-old portraitist, pictorialist and writer from Central Washington, where he owns a studio gallery (Seim Studios) that focuses on signature wall art. His work has been influenced by classical painted works from the Renaissance to early America, from the Hudson River School into modern times, as well as by master photographers like Ansel Adams, Ken Whitmire and others. He enjoys studying what’s worked for centuries and then pushing the limits of what’s possible (studying how it relates to techniques that have stood the test of time).

When not in the studio, Gavin frequently takes his family on the open road in the Super Camper, working, exploring, searching for beauty and teaching photography workshops. Visit to view his work.