About the Class

It’s a photographer’s nightmare—30 people ranging from great-grandma to newborns, sullen teens, toddlers running wild, adults complaining and sunlight fading. But after you take this video class on posing large groups, you might just find yourself handling this scenario with confidence and aplomb, creating portraits that will lead to great sales.

It all begins with the posing system that instructor Drake Busath uses to create those large group portraits. Once you’ve learned it, you might never go back because it helps you create a group’s shape, position multiple family units, manage the younger children andwork with the singles without ostracizing them!

Along with his posing system, Drake will also discuss:

  • The importance of lighting.
  • Details to improve the image – props to include, why to pay attention to the “skyline” and other tips he’s gathered through the years.
  • Polishing the pose – fine-tuning the details that a great photographer should notice.
  • Engaging your customers – flattery, enthusiasm and a crazy story or two will take you far.

Adding to the brilliance of this class is that you see an example of what Drake did with a large family, and then you get to watch him do it live!

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