About the Class

A drone is such an amazing tool; we can shoot photos from angles that were only imaginable until recently. We have a camera that is capable of being almost anywhere. 

The only drawback with such a small, lightweight camera is that it often can’t capture the same range of shadows and highlights as its larger siblings. In many cases, these little cameras are going places that require a bit more dynamic range than we have been use d to. We have bright skies and shadowy foreground elements. The solution is to use HDR and Exposure stacking techniques. 

Fortunately, Colin has been using these techniques for a long time and is ready to share the secrets to shooting and processing in Lightroom and Photoshop to get an expanded dynamic range from a drone. 

This means that you can perhaps get more detailed, vibrant photos from you drone than you are currently getting. Tune in and find out how to make your photos more dynamic!

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