Drone Safety, Rules & Etiquette – Randy Braun & Stacy Garlington

Randy Braun & Stacy Garlington

So you want to fly a drone? First learn the safety, rules and proper flying etiquette before you take flight. Randy and Stacy will discuss the basic safety procedures that go into flying a drone. This episode will also briefly explain the FAA flight rules and regulations.

Creating a checklist prior to taking flight

Understanding proper flight etiquette

Quick overview of FAA rules

Understanding the difference between commercial use versus hobby/recreational use

Randy Braun Bio

Stacy Garlington Bio

Inspiration came during a close encounter with a humpback whale in a kayak near Maui; an experience that forever changed her life. Since then Stacy Garlington spends much of her time studying the art of photography and creating images using small aerial drones.

Stacy noted the tremendous potential of aerial photography during the early stages of the budding small drone industry. She began to create impactful images using basic camera skills. Her work is now published in both Forbes and TIME magazines -- examples of the new perspective achievable using this technology.

“I never had a formal education, so how did I end up with an office in both Silicon Valley and Shenzhen China?  I had a dream and I made a choice to pursue what made me happy.”

Stacy now works full time as Product Experience Specialist at DJI, the world’s leading developer of consumer and commercial drones.  She continues to teach thousands of people worldwide how to experience the freedom of flight while operating their cameras in the sky.