Cris J.
M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

In this video course, lighting expert Cris Duncan teaches you how to light the perfect executive portrait.

First, you’ll learn how to connect with your client-- understand their personality as well as their profession, their company and their products. Knowing your client will enable you to create a successful set for an executive portrait.

Next, Cris tackles the lighting. Learn how to meter the existing light and add the main and background lights that you’ll need. Discuss light quality, colors and décor and other factors that will affect your portrait.

When your set up is complete, Cris always advises test images –after all, your client’s time is valuable. Having an assistant sit in not only saves time, it allows you to make any essential adjustments or changes before your client enters the set.

When it’s “go time,” Cris shares his posing and placement tips that are sure to make the shoot a snap and impress your clients. Learn the software to use so your client has a live feed and can immediately approve the finished product. In and out – everyone walks away thrilled with a job well done!

Efficient, effective and to the point – the type of shoot that is an executive’s dream – and your portraits will be too!

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