M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API
About the Class

Join Jamie Hayes as he shows you how to handle all sorts of indoor lighting to create a great image

Jamie’s detailed class begins with mixed lighting, identifying the various sources and choosing your main light. He explains and demonstrates the pros/cons of each choice and how adding to that main light with different sources changes the resulting image. You’ll learn about…

  • Using ambient light as your main light, including using window light, paying attention to highlights and shadow details, how to meter and adding fill lights like strobes.
  • Using flash as your main light, including adjusting shutter speeds, blocking window light and using the modeling lamps on your strobe.
  • Tips for custom white balance and working with color temperature (including using camera presets), depending on your light source.

When the class is over, you’ll feel confident mixing those lights indoors…an asset if you want professional results!

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