Great Brands Think Alike

Gina Barca Cr.Photog., CPP Cr.Photog., CPP

7 things all mega brands have in common that you should be doing too! Have you ever thought about how global brands like Starbucks, Apple and Amazon got so big? Ever wonder how they amass such a following and position themselves as leaders among their competitors? In this webinar we will analyze 7 concepts the worlds most iconic brands have in common and how you can leverage their secrets to success by incorporating these principles into your own business. 

Gina Barca Cr.Photog., CPP Bio

Gina Barca is first and foremost an entrepreneur. Founder of Gina Barca Brand, Inc and Co-owner of Verb Media, Gina primarily works as a branding and social media strategist.

With over a decade of marketing experience as a graphic designer and certified professional photographer, Gina develops brand identities and solutions for leveraging social media for business owners around the world. Through partnering with mega brands like Orange Theory Fitness and Engel and Volkers Gina has established herself as the “go-to” for branding and marketing. Gina is also an in-demand speaker for organizations and events throughout the nation and enjoys sharing her proven strategies helping entrepreneurs build a consistent brand message.