M. Photog., Cr., CPP, API
About the Class

Have you ever experienced a situation where you felt like you were on track only to then have things go wrong? If you are like instructor Bryan Welsh, you have had this happen and felt that sinking feeling of “Now what do I do?” The good thing is that as photographers and artists, we can use our creative skills to apply a framework that will allow us to get back on point. 

Creativity Applied is a framework that Bryan Welsh has used to jump-start and hone his entrepreneurial creativity. This webinar will take you through Awareness, to finding your Why purpose to using techniques that can give you rapid and accurate reproductions of your best skills. You will also be shown many other mindsets and problem-solving techniques in this innovative webinar. 

Some Key Highlighted topics: 
• Gaining Awareness 
• Finding Your “Why?” Purpose 
• The Blue Printing Technique 
• Mindset Shifts 
• Next Steps 

Join PPA Master, Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer and PPA-Approved Photographic Instructor Bryan Welsh for this untraditional webinar to unlock your creative skills when you need them the most—at the point when you find yourself asking what to do “now that Plan A and Plan b have failed? 

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