About the Class

"Ever wonder why the moment before you’re about to present an important proposal or meet with an ideal prospect, you suddenly remember that shoot that went terribly wrong? Or that client who still owes you money? Trust me, you are not alone and there’s nothing inherently wrong with you. Our habit of focusing on the negative, has roots in evolution and in our innate drive to survive. Scientist call this phenomenon, negativity bias. Learning to recognize and handle negativity bias can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining and growing your business. In this interactive program, Robyn will:

Explain the science behind negativity bias
Give actionable tools and strategies to overcome it.
Help you identify and own your unique brand value and…
Help you create a solid “Brand Hero Story.”
Creating and sharing your “Brand Hero Story” will not only attract clients who want to work with you, it will arm you with a solid, unshakable confidence to keep the negativity bias at bay."

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