Van Duinen
M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class
In the third segment of architectural photography, Randy VanDuinen explains the creative technique of light painting a HOUSE! Usinghigh-powered flash lights (that he bought at your average superstore), hedemonstrates how to capture these amazing exterior twilight shots while focusingon one area of the building at a time. Then using Photoshop he shows howto blend the images together to create the final image that couldn’t becaptured any other way to achieve this look.He explains three things to consider when capturing exteriortwilight shots:·Watering down the driveway to give a nicereflection and allow the house to be the brightest object in the photograph·Using off-camera lighting to give the buildingdirection·Capturing several images with differentexposures to edit and blend together in Photoshop
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