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May 01, 2024

Registration Is Now Open: The Jurors Workshop

Registration has opened for PPA members to get an inside look at the Merit Image Review (MIR) and the judging process with the Jurors Workshop, held online from July 30 - August 1 and  registration is open now!

By attending the workshop, participants learn how to spot a merit-worthy image and get closer to creating one themselves. PPA Master Photographers can take this workshop to fulfill one of the requirements to become a juror. You'll also earn two service merits when you complete the workshop!

PPA Jurors play an important role in evaluating and providing feedback on images submitted to the Merit Image Review. Becoming a Juror is a rigorous process that involves several steps, including declaring candidacy, taking the online Jurors workshop, shadow judging, submitting video critiques, performance evaluation, challenge evaluation, and approval.

Candidates for the PPA Juror position are evaluated based on their ability to recognize a merit image, justify their score, listen well to others, demonstrate flexibility, speak well and concisely, provide persuasive rebuttals, and maintain a positive attitude.

Register to take the workshop now and gain valuable insights that will enhance your photography skills. Read more about the new Juror application process, declaring candidacy, and the benefits of taking this workshop, here.